Source code for firedrake.logging

import logging
# Ensure that the relevant loggers have been created.
import tsfc.logging             # noqa: F401
import pyop2.logger             # noqa: F401

from pyop2.mpi import COMM_WORLD

__all__ = ('set_level', 'set_log_level', 'set_log_handlers',
           'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARNING', 'ERROR', 'CRITICAL',
           'log', 'debug', 'info', 'warning', 'error', 'critical',
           'info_red', 'info_green', 'info_blue',
           "RED", "GREEN", "BLUE")

packages = ("pyop2", "tsfc", "firedrake", "UFL")

logger = logging.getLogger("firedrake")
log = logger.log
debug = logger.debug
info =
warning = logger.warning
error = logger.error
critical = logger.critical

RED = "\033[1;37;31m%s\033[0m"
BLUE = "\033[1;37;34m%s\033[0m"
GREEN = "\033[1;37;32m%s\033[0m"

# Mimic dolfin
[docs] def info_red(message, *args, **kwargs): ''' Write info message in red. :arg message: the message to be printed. ''' info(RED % message, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def info_green(message, *args, **kwargs): ''' Write info message in green. :arg message: the message to be printed. ''' info(GREEN % message, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def info_blue(message, *args, **kwargs): ''' Write info message in blue. :arg message: the message to be printed. ''' info(BLUE % message, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def set_log_handlers(handlers=None, comm=COMM_WORLD): """Set handlers for the log messages of the different Firedrake components. :kwarg handlers: Optional dict of handlers keyed by the name of the logger. If not provided, a separate :class:`logging.StreamHandler` will be created for each logger. :kwarg comm: The communicator the handler should be collective over. If provided, only rank-0 on that communicator will write to the handler, other ranks will use a :class:`logging.NullHandler`. If set to ``None``, all ranks will use the provided handler. This could be used, for example, if you want to log to one file per rank. """ if handlers is None: handlers = {} for package in packages: logger = logging.getLogger(package) for handler in logger.handlers: logger.removeHandler(handler) handler = handlers.get(package, None) if handler is None: handler = logging.StreamHandler() handler.setFormatter(logging.Formatter(fmt="%(name)s:%(levelname)s %(message)s")) if comm is not None and comm.rank != 0: handler = logging.NullHandler() logger.addHandler(handler)
[docs] def set_log_level(level): """Set the log level for Firedrake components. :arg level: The level to use. This controls what level of logging messages are printed to stderr. The higher the level, the fewer the number of messages. """ for package in packages: logger = logging.getLogger(package) logger.setLevel(level)
set_level = set_log_level