Getting started

The first step is to download and install Firedrake and its dependencies. For full instructions, see obtaining Firedrake.

Introductory Tutorials

Once you’ve built Firedrake, you’ll want to actually solve some PDEs. Below are a few tutorial examples to get you started.

Jupyter notebooks

In addition to the documented tutorials, we also have some Jupyter notebooks that are a more interactive way of getting to know Firedrake. They are described in more detail on their own page.

Youtube Channel

Firedrake has a youtube channel where recorded tutorials are occasionally uploaded.

API documentation

The complete list of all the classes and methods in Firedrake is available at the firedrake package page. The same information is indexed in alphabetical order. Another very effective mechanism is the site search engine.


Once you have worked through the tutorials, the user manual is the next step. It goes in to more detail on how to set up and solve finite element problems in Firedrake.

Advanced tutorials

These tutorials demonstrate some more advanced features of Firedrake’s PDE solving capabilities, such as block-preconditioning mixed finite element systems.