Firedrake Tutorial 11 January 2019.

The Firedrake team will once again offer a half day Firedrake tutorial aimed at new Firedrake users.

Where and when

Friday 11 January, 1400-1700 Huxley 410 on Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus.

Tutorial contents

The tutorial will be an introduction to solving PDEs using the finite element method with Firedrake. The level will be pitched at new masters and PhD students just starting to use or develop Firedrake, though anyone at any career stage is most welcome.

We’ll be working through the Firedrake tutorial notebooks, which you can have a look at if you’d like to understand the scope of the course. We won’t assume you’re familiar with the notebooks in advance of the tutorial.

Installing Firedrake

You’ll need to bring along a laptop with Firedrake installed. If you have a Mac, Linux or Windows 10 laptop, follow the instructions here to install Firedrake. If you run into any difficulty, please contact us. Alternatively, if you have trouble installing Firedrake, we’ll hold an installation clinic 1300-1400 before the tutorial. If you’ll be using a pre Windows 10 laptop, come to the installation clinic and we’ll help you install Firedrake in a virtual machine.


The tutorial is free but we are limited by the size of the room. Please therefore register using the form below. Registration will close on 4 January.

Further details

For any queries, please contact David Ham